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How to Create a Luxury Outdoor Space

November 15, 2018

Nothing about your dream home should be ordinary, and that includes your outdoor spaces. Patios, pools, gardens, walkways, driveways, and outdoor kitchens are only a few of the spaces that can be designed as an extension of your luxury home.

Stylish Ways to Go Green During Your Building or Remodeling Project

June 16, 2017

Are you planning a home building or remodeling project? If you’re like many homeowners today, you might be looking for ways to not only build well, and with style, but also build responsibly. Awareness of the shortages that many natural materials and resources are facing has made “going green” appealing on multiple levels.

This growing, positive trend has opened the doors to numerous alternatives that maximize your home’s style while minimizing its impact on the environment. And, in many cases, these options will also minimize the impact on your wallet. Who doesn’t love that?

Let’s take a look at a few popular alternative building materials.

Alternative Flooring Materials for Your Home

Hardwood is a limited resource. And, while some manufacturers are dedicated to ethically sourcing materials, not everyone is.

What are your options?

Renewable Resources That Are Perfect for Your Remodeled Kitchen

  • Butcher-block counters are an attractive, sensible option. The materials used range from reclaimed/recycled lumber to lesser-known types of trees that are harvested in a sustainable way
  • Bamboo countertops
  • Stainless steel countertops
  • Concrete counters
  • Recycled glass countertops
  • Bamboo cabinets
  • Wheatboard cabinets, made from compressed plant fibers
  • Check to see if your kitchen’s wood is FSC-certified, guaranteeing that it’s being sourced responsibly
  • Eucalyptus (grows at 4x the speed of traditional hardwood options!)
  • Recycled metal tile for your backsplash
  • LED lights are a bright idea, offering decreased costs, efficient energy usage, and practical power

Talk To an Experienced Home Builder

The key to successfully building in a green way is to work with an experienced professional who shares your values. Ask what they suggest, what they have seen work in the past, and how you could think outside the box during your project. The results will be stunning, and one of a kind, adding a unique flavor to the colors and textures within your home.

2017 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

January 19, 2017

The bathroom is certainly a functional room, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be devoid of style and beauty. As the place where you start and end your day, the room should put you in the right mood for your lifestyle. Invigorate in the morning, and soothe into peace and tranquility in the evening with these trends of 2017 — some that have been around for a while, and some that are up and coming.


We’ve been going green for a long time, but 2017 is the year when we’ll fully embrace the organic. Clean colors, seamless lines, and simple arrangements provide room for organic elements to add to a soothing atmosphere.

Add wood to the bathroom in a floor, cabinetry, or teak wood bench or mat to bring in an organic element that adds texture and warmth. Choose organic shapes in your tub, sinks, and more. Add organic patterns in your shower and floor tiles. Choose earth-toned colors, and allow windows to showcase the nature outside.

High Tech

Technology is entering our lives in every other room of the house; why not in the bathroom? Add built-in audio systems, tub-side refrigeration, chromatherapy, and more. How about a control system in the shower to control water pressure and temperature? Or radiant heating pads in your tub?

Water-Saving Fixtures

Using less water is on trend this year, and bathroom fixtures are stepping up to meet the need. The government’s new WaterSense label is encouraging manufacturers to be even smarter about water usage. Toilets offer two different flushing options: .8 and 1.6 gallons per flush. You can even install hands-free faucets with low-flow aerators, and you have options to install showerheads that use less water.

Universal Design

Aging in place can be stylish. Universal designs are not only functional, they’re downright on trend. Walk-in bathtubs and showers are great for people with reduced mobility. Shower seats and towel bars provide safe bathing options. But none of it looks like a hospital bathroom anymore; practical and safe meet design and style in a gorgeous, modern combination.

Smart Storage

We live our lives in a hurry. That means we can’t waste time looking for makeup brushes, toothbrushes, and hairbrushes every morning. Taking its cue from the kitchen, bathroom cabinetry is beginning to be built with a place for everything — so everything can have a place. Drawer dividers are now essential in vanity designs. You can add custom pullouts specifically designed for hair dryers and curling irons. You can even install a medicine cabinet with electrical and USB ports to keep your devices charged.

Dimensional Tiles

Waterjet technology advances have opened up a new world for tile. Tile manufacturers now offer dimensional tiles that add a sophisticated style to any bathroom. Excellent as accent walls behind a vanity or in the shower, they’re also a practical choice for your wall as their material is more durable and water resistant than traditional options.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are still standing. Gaining in popularity over the past few years, they continue to be a first choice for many people. Without the platform of master bathroom tubs in years past, the freestanding tub is given the space to take simple center stage. Because of this, the shape of the tub is important. With several options, from oval to round to rectangular, the freestanding tub is more like a sculpture than any other item in the bathroom. And it handles center stage quite well.

Floating Vanity

The floating vanity seems to hover in the air, with an empty space of 12 to 18 inches below. This not only looks incredibly stylish, it’s also easy to clean. Plus, with a floating vanity, you have more freedom to choose the height to suit your own needs.

It’s Yours to Design

2017 is the year of bathroom style. Incorporate these elements into your perfect sanctuary. The bathroom is no longer a utilitarian room; it’s your oasis. Make it yours.

Gerety Building & Restoration can help you design and build your dream bathroom. With more than 35 years of experience and plenty of five star reviews, Gerety is the top choice for bathroom remodeling in the Westchester, NY or Greenwich, CT area. Give us a call today at (914) 248-1300 to discuss your project.

4 Simple Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Older Home This Winter

November 22, 2016

We’re no strangers to the charm of historic homes. Here in Westchester and Fairfield counties, it has been our privilege to restore, remodel, and expand many beautiful old properties. In fact, it’s one of our specialties.

As alluring as sun-soaked hardwood, picture windows, fireplaces, and sprawling layouts can be, there is no denying that efficiency is not the strong suit of these local beauties. It doesn’t make you love them any less, but it just might leave you wondering what you can do about it.

Window replacements and larger-scale updates are wise investments, but for the meantime we have a few simpler tips to help you weather the winter.

What Can You Do To Boost Your Home’s Efficiency? 

#1 Consider Your Home’s Envelope

Before you swap out appliances and fixtures, start with an analysis of the heavy hitters that make or break your home’s efficiency: attic, walls, windows, and doors. Adding insulation to your attic, for example, can drastically improve how well heat is retained this winter.

You might consider contacting a local professional for an energy audit. They can help you pinpoint the weakest of your weak points, allowing you to better formulate your long term plan.

#2 Slow Drafts Around Your Windows and Doors

While replacement with more efficient, updated models is always ideal, we get that sometimes now just isn’t the time. With that said, we suggest investing in a draft stopper to block cold air that creeps underneath your door. You can make one yourself, or you can purchase one online or at any home supply/improvement store.

Replacing the weatherstripping on exterior doors can also help substantially.

If your windows are giving you trouble, here are a few ideas:

  • Use rope caulk to fill any cracked areas
  • Consider plastic shrink wrap kits to insulate your window with a draft-preventing pocket of air
  • Swap your curtains out for heavy draperies designed to better insulate your windows. This is a tried and true technique!

#3 Service Your Furnace

It may not be a replacement for a high-efficiency model, but a cleaned and serviced heating system will help you get the very most out of what you have. Your technician also can help you nip any budding issues early on, maximizing the lifespan of your furnace as well.

#4 Keep Your Fireplace Damper Closed

Do you occasionally use your fireplace? If so, be sure you close your damper when it’s not in use. And, we hate to say it, but despite the cozy factor your fireplace is really not an efficient way to heat a room. We suggest keeping fires to a minimum!

Unless it would harm the historic integrity of your home, you also may benefit from installing glass doors to further seal your fireplace when it’s not being used.

Make a Plan for Home Improvement!

The very best thing you can do for your wallet and your property is to make an actionable plan for valuable upgrades. Talk with a home improvement professional who understands the unique needs and characteristics of older properties, and who can develop creative solutions to reach your goals. Beyond keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, thoughtful upgrades add undeniable value that will certainly offer a return over time.

6 Reasons Why Wintertime Should Be Your Home Remodeling Time!

October 18, 2016

With fall undeniably here, local homeowners are putting away their landscaping tools, covering the pool, turning the heat on (maybe for the first time), and getting ready to weather the winter.

Rather than hibernate, we have a better alternative. Why not take advantage of the season and wrap up a home remodeling project?

Why Is Winter the Right Time for Home Remodeling?

Many homeowners, maybe yourself included, think of home remodeling and improvement jobs as best left for spring. Warmer weather seems more conducive to that kind of work.The reality is, there are numerous solid reasons why winter is actually an ideal time to tackle these bigger projects. Let’s take a look!

#1 Scheduling Flexibility and Availability

Many contractors find themselves with a lighter schedule during the winter, especially when it comes to interior work. You can take advantage of this “off season” and enjoy the extra level of availability.

In some cases, permits and other building-related paperwork can be processed by your local government agencies faster as well. That’s always a bonus!

#2 Never Fear – Your Project Can Be Contained!

Are you concerned about paint fumes, dust, and other by-products of construction-related work? Expert building contractors have tools, techniques, and improved products available that make containment completely possible.

#3 Fight the Winter Blues!

Winters here in Westchester and Fairfield counties can be long and cold. A home remodeling project is a fun way to keep the season moving! And, when spring rolls around, you’ll be ahead of the game and ready to start the warmer months in style.

#4 Create the Extra Space You Need

Your project might involve updating an existing area (like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project), but it also could involve creating a totally new and functional space. Basement finishing, for example, can add that life-improving square-footage you and your family need. It could be a game room, extra bedroom, in-law suite, family room, media space, master bathroom, etc…

#5 Inventory Availability

Have you ever tried to buy a specific ingredient at the supermarket right before a holiday? The shelves are typically empty! It’s always best to plan ahead and buy what you need before the aisles are stormed by shoppers.

The same holds true for home improvement and remodeling projects. The off-season yields more inventory in most cases, and can make sourcing items and materials much easier.

#6 Exterior Projects Might Be More Possible Than You Realize As Well!

We encourage you to talk to your local home building professional about all of your goals, even the exterior-related ones. Many homeowners assume a particular project can’t be completed until spring, but this sometimes isn’t the case. The possibilities for winter-time work are more expansive than you might realize.

Whether inside or out, few things are more satisfying and fun than working with an expert builder on improving your most important investment. And, winter is the time to get the project rolling!