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Perfecting Faux Finishes Every Time

June 2, 2014

Some of the oldest architecture in the world remains some of the most beautiful. The meticulous care and restoration processes that we use to restor historic homes helps preserve that heritage and workmanship. Europe is full of historic homes, monasteries, and castles that have been well preserved throughout the ages. Some of the preservation work is absolutely overwhelming. We can reproduce some of the paint and stone finishes to nearly flawless replicas using today’s technology.

Faux Leather Wallpaper

Leather wallpaper became popular in the 1700s in Europe. The hand-made leathers were intricately designed and represented a workmanship and skill that very few people possess today. The cost to reproduce leather wallpaper would be extremely high, and out of the range of the average homeowner. Fortunately, we have the ability to reproduce the look without the cost.

Intricate Woodwork

Historic homes are usually full of intricate woodwork like crown molding, window sills, furnishings, and staircase banisters. Our expert woodworkers and carpenters work diligently and patiently to restore or replicate the original woodwork in the historic homes we restore. We always strive to restore the original woodwork in historic homes.

Painted Ceilings

Some of the most impressive paintings ever painted have been on the ceiling. Consider the paintings on the ceilings of Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Sistine Chapel for example. We don’t claim to have the talent to reproduce something so incredible, but faux finishes and paintings on the ceiling are absolutely within our scope of expertise. Check out our faux painting work.

Historic Restoration in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT

Our area is full of historic homes which have been restored and renovated. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped restore and renovate hundreds of historic homes with great success. Our carpenters and contractors have the experience necessary to create the perfect restoration, including faux paint finishes as needed. The carpenters here at Gerety Building and Restoration utilize some of the same techniques that woodworkers used in the original building of these homes.

We specialize in restoring historic homes using the best cleaners and restoration techniques. Many people dive head first into historic renovation with the idea that today’s modern cleaners are okay for antique finishes. They quickly learn that most of today’s cleaners are too harsh, and create more problems than they solve.

Don’t go blindly into restoring or renovating a historic home. Take the time to research the era in which your historic home was built. This will go a long way in helping you choose how to restore, and whether you want to renovate it to be more modern.

If you live in the Westchester, NY or Fairfield, CT area and own a historic home that you’re considering restoring to its original beauty, give us a call to discuss your project at (914) 248-1300.

Wine Cellar Build Testimonial

July 6, 2012

Dear Keith,


We wanted to express our appreciation for your fine work on the building of our wine cellar. The entire process from the initial consultation to the final completion was extremely smooth and the results dramatic.

We knew that we wanted to build a cellar, but had only a general idea of how it should be built. You provided a number of positive suggestions which helped us better envision the proper size, design, and finishes. The building process went smoothly and your crew a pleasure. The quality of the woodworking with the cedar interior was outstanding, especially with the fine detail that was required. All of your specialists, including electrical, HVAC, and painting, were highly skilled and great to work with. The vineyard painting by Tim which shows so dramatically when you enter the room, was a great finish.

The finished product is spectacular. Guests that we have entertained have been overwhelming in their praise upon first entering the room. It is now one of the centerpieces of our home.

Thanks again for your great work and I would eagerly recommend your services to anyone interested in building a wine cellar.

Best regards,

Gary and Michele Dienst

Learn more about our custom wine cellar services or view our portfolio here.

Custom Wine Cellar Pound Ridge NY

June 22, 2011

Wine Cellars are a great addition to your home. With the integration of technology, Wine Cellars today are able to effortlessly monitor the atmospheric condition, and even provide important informations directly to a computer of cell phone. Here is an example of a Custom Wine Cellar Gerety Building and Restoration recently completed.

Some features of this project included:

  • ~2500 Bottles storage capacity
  • Custom sconce lantern lighting
  • Barn siding with weathered patina (inside and out)
  • Custom wine racks (metal)
  • Custom field stone
  • Custom oak flooring
  • Liquid Bottle CellarTec Signature Monitor
  • Air and Liquid Temperature Displays
  • Ambient Air Temperature Displays
  • Cellar Humidity Display
  • Cooling System Demand Display
  • High and Low Refrigerant Pressure Displays
  • Condensate Pump Overflow Protection
  • Cold Weather Start Features, (Tested & Certified to -15 Degrees)
  • Short Cycle Protection
  • Humidity Control
  • Fan Control
  • Cellar Door Sensor
  • Web Based Internet Monitoring & Alarm System
  • Stained and Polyurethane
  • CellarTec Condenser/Evaporator

Wine Tasting Room

  • Custom decorative sconce lighting
  • Artisan plaster walls
  • Oak flooring
  • Barn siding

Learn more about our custom wine cellar design and installation services here.

Custom Wine Cellar in Cross River NY

June 15, 2011

We have just completed a custom wine cellar for a client in Cross River, NY. Some project details include:

  • The wine cellar was designed to house around 2500 bottles.
  • The wine cellar was lined with clear cedar.
  • The racks were built with red wood.
  • The fresco was beautifully painted by Tim Eaton.
  • The entire wine cellar was illuminated by low voltage halogen lights.

custom wine cellar is a special and unique addition to your home. With Gerety Building & Restoration you can be assured that great care will be taken in every step of your home wine cellar’s design and construction. We can all raise a glass to that.

We invite you to view our custom wine cellar portfolio here.

Considering A Custom Wine Cellar

June 8, 2011

Home Wine Cellars have become more popular among homeowners as their wine collections grow. Wine enthusiasts choose to build a custom wine cellar in order to preserve their wine and add value to their home, which will bring a positive return on their investment.

When considering adding a home wine cellar, it is very important to have a custom wine cellar constructed by a builder who is knowledgeable about wine cellar design and an expert in building and maintaining a wine cellar.  A wine cellar design and function must be optimal to protect and preserve your wine collection.

Constructing a custom wine cellar requires critical attention to the correct wine storage requirements. The key elements in optimal wine storage are climate control, vapor barriers & insulation, floor and door selection, custom wine storage racks, lighting & UV exposure, computer monitoring, and security systems.  A custom wine cellar specialist will know the various options with all these essentials and can guide you through the construction of your home wine cellar.

Learn more about Gerety’s custom wine cellar services here.