Custom Wine Cellar for the Distinguished Wine Connoisseur

Many wine connoisseur blogs focus solely on wine, not the wine cellar. Our focus is on building a cellar that will ensure that your wine is perfectly preserved based on the individual needs of each wine type.We understand that wine cellar design must cater to the individual person and to the wine as well. Let’s take a look at some of the details we implement in each cellar we design.

Temperature and Humidity Control – Our primary priority. Many of our custom wine cellars consist of multi-zoned rooms that utilize state of the art technologies to regulate temperature and humidity. Our preferred systems allow you to monitor your wine cellar online and receive temperature and humidity alerts.

Wine Cellar Usage – We focus on you as an individual wine collector or connoisseur. We ensure that your cellar is designed to cater to your specific usage patterns. Do you, for example, intend to use the space to entertain guests, or simply to store your wine collection?

Bottle Handling – Most wine collectors rarely touch a bottle once it’s stored due to potential damage from over-handling. Those who do must have the ability to pick up and replace the bottle without damaging the bottle or the label. We take this issue into consideration when designing the perfect resting place for your bottles of wine.

Custom Carpentry – We house a mill shop and employ some of the best carpenters in the northeast. We custom design and create your wine racks, display cases, and cabinets before they’re installed in your cellar.

The design stage is the optimal time to discuss personalization such as monograms, specific types of wood, stain options, and materials. We often source natural stone and unique tiles for custom counters, walls, and flooring. We have the ability to create a complete entertaining environment or a simple yet elegant cellar with custom elements.

Storage Capacity – We design your wine cellar to fit your collection with plenty of space to expand. Do need space for a few hundred bottles, or several thousand?

Elegant Display Elements – We understand that a regular run-of-the-mill display case isn’t the overall look we’re aiming for. Show us the overall look you want, and we will make it happen.

We Design and Build Based on Your Requests

Your custom wine cellar will be designed and built to fit your precise needs. We ask that you collect photos that showcase specific elements you desire. We will use any variety or combination of wood including cedar, mahogany, teak, or an exotic wood of your choosing. Decorative wooden elements will be custom milled, and glass pieces custom created.

Do you have a wine cellar that could use a little customization? Would you like a quote on a custom wine cellar? Follow us on G+ or contact us through the website to discuss your ideas in detail. We’d love to hear from you.