Considering A Custom Wine Cellar

Home Wine Cellars have become more popular among homeowners as their wine collections grow. Wine enthusiasts choose to build a custom wine cellar in order to preserve their wine and add value to their home, which will bring a positive return on their investment.

When considering adding a home wine cellar, it is very important to have a custom wine cellar constructed by a builder who is knowledgeable about wine cellar design and an expert in building and maintaining a wine cellar.  A wine cellar design and function must be optimal to protect and preserve your wine collection.

Constructing a custom wine cellar requires critical attention to the correct wine storage requirements. The key elements in optimal wine storage are climate control, vapor barriers & insulation, floor and door selection, custom wine storage racks, lighting & UV exposure, computer monitoring, and security systems.  A custom wine cellar specialist will know the various options with all these essentials and can guide you through the construction of your home wine cellar.

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