Top 4 Considerations for a Pool Project this Summer

With warm weather comes aspirations of a summer spent soaking in your dream pool, perhaps with an ice cold drink in your hand. With people spending even more time at home, now is a great time to invest and make that dream pool a reality.

A pool project comes with a lot of considerations, specifically maintenance and even financial responsibilities. Then there’s layouts – there are plenty of unique or custom design ideas if you have a really inspired client. My years of experience in construction and home design has you covered! My team and I have extensive knowledge when it comes to outdoor renovations or remodel projects and can guide you when making these decisions for your summer pool project.

Check out my top four considerations you should take into account before making that dream pool, a reality!

1. Concrete vs. Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Bases

The first consideration you’ll need to make is what type of base you will want to go with. There are three different types of pool base types and they are concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. They each have their own pros and cons, so let’s dive in!

First things first, every pool project starts with a large excavated hole, followed by the pools base which can be either concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. Concrete bases are the most common and are created by using steel rebar to create the desired shape of the pool. From there they pour the concrete into the “mold” and then once it finishes drying its covered with either shotcrete or gunite. This will finish the base and increase its longevity. A huge upside to these types of bases are the ability to affordably repair them over time. Vinyl’s mold is created in a similar fashion to concretes, but rather than steel rebar, plastic or another type of metal is used. They can look great but are liable to tears and need to be replaced every 10 to 18 years. Fiberglass bases come to the site as one giant mold and then lowered into the excavated hole. They can be great looking and affordable but much like Vinyl would need replacing every 15 to 20 years.

I recommend concrete bases for my clients but have done all three types in the past!

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2. Alternative Finishes & Additions

This is probably my favorite part of the project! These are all the things that can give a pool character like tile, surface textures and pool features.

The popular design trend right now is a mix of tile and a manmade surface texture called pebble aggregate. Not surprisingly, this gives the bottom and sides of the pool a pebble like texture that’s not harsh and gives the bottom a bit of a sparkle. When doing these types of pool finishes I like to add a design using tile along the top edge of the pool and usually recommend matching those aesthetics to other pool features you could want.

Maybe a swim up bar, a diving rock or even an infinity pool. The sky is the limit with Gerety Building & Restoration.

3. Recreational vs. Architectural vs. Natural Pool Styles

Next up comes the area around the pool, and depending on your personal needs, it can vary!

Recreational pools usually have features that can entertain the kids and adults, whether it’s diving rocks or even water slides. The really luxurious setups have caves and waterfalls, essentially a water park but at much smaller scale. These types of pools are all about fun and entertainment rather than pure pool functionality. Architectural styles are much more heavily designed and are really meant to be eye popping centerpieces of your backyard. Natural pool styles are similar but often overlap with the recreational style rather than architectural since they aim to be more modern looking.. This gives the area around the pool features like rocks, trees, plants and more natural looking waterfalls.

Maybe you live alone or have older children and want more of a chic, “adult” pool that has a beautiful and unique design. Or you could have a large young family and want the pool to have recreational features with safety in mind. Maybe it’s neither or both and you just want a natural pool style where you feel like it turns your backyard into a jungle.

4. Salt Water vs. Fresh Water Pools

The most important consideration when it comes to this type of project is what type of pool water you want your pool system to be designed with; saltwater or freshwater?

Salt water pools are on the rise and there is a good reason to see why. The water is often less harsh smell wise with a softer feel on the skin, a lot easier to maintain and the chemicals needed to maintain it are very affordable. However, there are a lot of upfront costs with this type of pump system and salt water is corrosive which means eventual repairs. It takes a while to get to that point, but it is something to consider. Freshwater pools have historically been very common and are easier to maintain in the sense that there isn’t much of a learning curve. While the experience is enjoyable, the water is often pretty pungent from the chlorine and a bit harsher on the skin.

The freshwater pump systems are more less upfront than saltwater pools but I recommend going with salt water for a much better experience once using your pool!

Turn your dream pool into a reality this summer!

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