The Best Flooring Option for Dog Owners

Dogs: Man’s Beloved Best Friend. Hardwood’s Best Friend? Not So Much.

The joy a dog brings a family has no bounds. Our four-legged friends provide us with their unconditional friendship and cheerful tail-wagging warm welcome after a long day.

Unfortunately, luxurious hardwood floors don’t stand up well to the daily wear and tear that comes with owning a pet. The sad and evident truth is that hardwood and pet claws don’t get along well, and few things are more disappointing than watching a sleek, sophisticated surface slowly become defaced by scratches and gouges.

So, what is the best durable and luxurious flooring option for dog owners?



Consider Heavy-Duty Ceramic Tile

When it comes down to it, the primary benefit of hardwood is the rich finish it offers. From deep mahogany to warm chestnut planks, it’s easy to see their appeal.

Luckily, ceramic tiles are a durable, dog-friendly flooring option for homeowners that also want to take their home’s luxury to the next level.

Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for hardwood floor lovers. Wood-grain finish tiles are a luxurious hardwood substitute that achieves a stunningly similar aesthetic.

Professionals that offer “rectified edge” ceramic tile installation ensure that minimal amounts of grout are visible between the tile sections. Rectified edges create a striking wood-floor finish that provides more durability.

Wood-grain tile is the perfect blend of form and function, adding resilient luxury to your home that both your family and pooch can enjoy for years to come.



Benefits of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Durable: Claws are no match for the scratch-resistant surface. Additionally, ceramic tiles are spill-friendly and won’t suffer permanent damage if exposed to liquids.

Easy to Clean: Unlike hardwood floors, ceramic tiles don’t require specialized cleaners. Tile floors can easily be cleaned by sweeping or mopping with a range of different cleaning solutions.

Compatible with Radiant Heating Systems: In-floor heating systems work well with tile, creating a warm and comfortable space for your family and four-legged friends during the colder months.

Numerous Styles: From sleek and modern tiles to distressed rustic finishes, there are a wide variety of ceramic tiling options available to complement your home’s aesthetic.


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