8 Spring Home Improvement Projects

After another eventful winter, spring has finally arrived. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and homeowners all over the country are looking for remodeling ideas that will give their homes a new life as well.

To help you out, we’ve created this list of the top 8 spring remodeling projects. Get ready – you’ll likely find the perfect project for your home on the list below.

Build a Deck (or Remodel an Existing Deck)

After a winter of being cooped up indoors, everyone in your family is ready to get out and enjoy the fresh air. A deck creates a natural extension of your home – the perfect way to enjoy your backyard and entertain family and guests.

With a range of colors and materials to choose from, you can create a custom deck this spring and then enjoy it all summer long.

Repair the Roof

Your roof likely took a beating from the winter weather. That’s why roof repair is one of the top remodeling projects for spring.

Instead of repair, some homeowners are deciding to upgrade to a stylish wood shake roof this spring. You can learn more about this roofing style in our blog post here.

You may even consider some sleek upgrades to your current roof. For example, skylights add a unique design element while letting more light into your home.

New Driveway

Spring is also the perfect time for a new driveway. For one, winter can be brutal to driveways, creating cracks and potholes. For another, asphalt requires specific temperatures and weather conditions to be poured, and spring offers the perfect conditions.

While updating your driveway, you can also renovate other outdoor features such as drainage and curbing.

This is also the perfect time to create that beautiful stone walkway you’ve always wanted.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the latest trends among homeowners is to expand their living space outdoors. We discussed decks above, but some homeowners are going for a new trend – creating their own outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to bring summer entertaining outside. Your outdoor kitchen can include a grill, a sink, a small refrigerator, a pizza oven, and more.

Home Addition

Spring is also an ideal time to pursue that home addition you’ve been wanting all these years. With better weather, your contractor will be able to stick to the project timetable and avoid delays.

The type of addition you get is up to you. Some people choose to add extra living and family space or to build a new kitchen and reconfigure the house. Others chose to go two levels and add a whole new wing onto their home.

When thinking about home additions, don’t forget to consider an addition that is separate from your home entirely. Garages, pool houses, greenhouses and guest houses also make excellent home additions.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular remodeling projects among today’s homeowners. Although you can technically pursue a kitchen remodel at any time, spring is actually the perfect time to do it.

Nicer weather brings family and friends together, so if you are like most homeowners, you are more likely to entertain guests in the spring, summer and fall months. Remodeling your kitchen now will give you ample time to enjoy it with loved ones this year.

And although your spring or summer party may take place outside, there is no denying the importance of the kitchen in preparing food and socializing. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a natural gathering place.

Wine Cellar

Speaking of entertaining, another home remodeling trend that is perfect for social gatherings is the wine room or wine cellar. Imagine being able to celebrate your passion for wine with a custom-built room that holds and displays your favorite vintages.

Homeowners who build wine cellars also build designated spaces for mingling and enjoying a glass with family and friends. A wine cellar is the ultimate spring remodeling project that allows the wine aficionado to share his or her passion with others.

Outdoor Extras

Finally, there are a number of other outdoor remodeling projects that you may want to pursue this spring, depending on your space and your lifestyle. For example, an outdoor fireplace is the perfect gathering spot for cool summer nights.

Or maybe you’d rather gather around the pool – take a dip in the water, soak in the sun while lying in your lounge chair, or relax in the pool house.

There are many outdoor remodeling projects you can pursue this spring. You are only limited by your imagination.

As this list proves, there are plenty of great spring remodeling projects to add to your to-do list now that the weather is warming up. Hopefully, this list has given you ideas on how you can improve the functionality and beauty of your home through remodeling.

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