2016 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

2016 is in full swing and many homeowners are currently planning out ideas for a kitchen remodel later in the year. Personalization is a huge trend, so if you’re going to be remodeling, make sure to get creative with your ideas and don’t forget to customize your kitchen to your family’s wants, needs, and personality! If you’re looking for additional ideas, check out our list of the top kitchen remodeling trends for 2016.

Transitional and Contemporary Styles

The two predominant styles for kitchens in 2016 are contemporary and transitional. Contemporary kitchens incorporate the styles that are popular for today (including many modern elements), whereas transitional is a mix between contemporary and traditional (and, therefore, incorporates design elements from both).

White Kitchens

White kitchens – and white cabinets more specifically – were a big trend in 2015. With this simple color choice, homeowners are able to achieve the contemporary design style that is hot at the moment. Kitchen industry experts say that white will continue to be the top choice for kitchens and cabinets in 2016.

Gray Kitchens

Yes, white will be the top color choice for 2016 kitchens, but another up and coming color option is gray, causing some to claim that “gray is the new white.” Gray is a perfect neutral that will allow you flexibility in your other design choices. It works well with other contemporary neutrals (white and black), splashes of vibrant color, and even rich stained wood.

Black and White Design

Another trend with colors is the use of both black and white elements to create a contemporary or transitional look. For example, your cabinets and walls may be painted white, and then black is added in accents such as the countertop, appliances, and cabinet hardware.

Dark Finishes

There are other trends for people who do not like the contemporary styles of white or gray. One option is to use a dark and dramatic finish on wood cabinets. We are told that dark colors can make spaces look smaller, but this can be avoided. For example, if you use a dark finish on your cabinets but pair it with white or light countertops and backsplashes then you will create a nice balance that adds depth and drama.

Cabinet Functionality

In 2016, homeowners will demand more functionality from their cabinetry. Customized insides, extra compartments, multi-tiered drawers, and special features to maximize the use of space are all various ways homeowners are customizing their cabinetry to improve functionality in the kitchen.

Backsplashes with Personality

Backsplashes are first and foremost functional – they provide an easy-to-clean surface on the walls behind your countertops that are prone to messy splashes and spills. However, in 2016 homeowners are infusing their backsplashes with personality, including creative colors, patterns, and designs. Stone, subway tile and stainless steel are the top trending backsplash materials for 2016.

Gourmet Kitchens

Those who love cooking and have the budget are realizing that they can get a commercial-grade kitchen right in their own home. From planning out an optimal design to maximizing prep space and buying restaurant-quality appliances, gourmet kitchens are a trend for homeowners who want to take their kitchen to the next level.

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Quartz Countertops

Granite countertops have been a top choice for kitchens for a while now, and they will continue to be. However, in 2016, we are seeing some homeowners who think that trend is overdone and want to try something different. One of the top granite-alternatives is quartz. It is available in a range of neutral colors and has added benefits such as spill- and scratch-resistance. If quartz isn’t you’re thing, you can also look at our guide of pros and cons of the most popular countertop materials.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are another trend among today’s homeowners. Farmhouse sinks have a deep basin and a wide panel that juts out slightly (giving them the alternative name, ‘apron sinks’). They are a focal point that can capture a traditional, timeless and nostalgic feel.

Colorful Sinks

We covered colors earlier, and you probably noticed that there is a lot of talk about neutral colors in the 2016 kitchen trends – making you wonder if 2016 kitchens are devoid of color. What you’ll find is that color DOES have a role to play in the kitchen, but it is used as more of a highlight or a pop than a major element. One trendy way to add color to your kitchen is to add a colorful sink – for example, a green sink in an otherwise white kitchen. By coordinating the color of your sink with the backsplash, the sink will become a major focal point.

Hardwood Floors (or Hardwood-Look Tile)

Tile and linoleum have been popular kitchen flooring surfaces in the past because of the ease of cleanup. In 2016, a trendy option is to use hardwood flooring – which allows for continuous hardwood throughout open-concept space (a floor layout choice that continues to be popular). Those who are worried about damaging hardwood in the kitchen – because of the potential for spills and high traffic – can instead choose porcelain or ceramic tile that looks just like hardwood. As a bonus, these tile flooring options also work well with radiant heat flooring.

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Statement Lighting

2016 homeowners are using lighting to create drama in a room. This includes bold and oversized light fixtures as well as pendant lighting that makes a statement and adds a focal point.

Colorful Accessories

The trends for main kitchen colors tend to be neutral – white, gray, black, beige, and so on. This allows the homeowner flexibility to personalize the space as they see fit. Colors may come in the form of chairs, towels, curtains, lighting, countertop decorations and more. Then when a new mood strikes, you can easily make color and décor changes. Having a neutral ‘base’ will allow you to get the most out of your remodel for years to come while also giving you the flexibility to make changes that keep your kitchen fresh.


Automation is another way that 2016 homeowners are improving the functionality of their kitchens. Some examples are hands-free faucets that turn on by a sensor so you don’t have to touch the handles with dirty hands, and motion-activated lighting that comes on when you walk into the kitchen.


Technology is also taking over kitchens in 2016. Cabinetry options are bringing mobile devices into the kitchen with features such as hands-free mounts and charging stations. Appliances are also getting “smart.” By linking appliances to mobile devices, things such as the oven and refrigerator can communicate with you via your smartphone.

These 2016 kitchen trends will give you ideas to make your kitchen more functional, stylish, comfortable, and customized. Feel free to brouse our Kitchen Remodeling Portfolio or once you gather up enough ideas for your own kitchen remodel, give Gerety Building & Restoration a call so we can bring those ideas to life.