Interior Design Trends for 2016

2016 is right around the corner, and with the New Year comes new trends for interior design. What design and décor choices will be popular in 2016, and what looks will homeowners be trying to achieve? Get a sneak peek and plan your own redesigns by checking out our list of the top interior design trends for 2016.

Contemporary Design

The style driving the majority of remodeling and decorating projects in 2016 will be contemporary. The contemporary design is modern and minimalist, with a focus on maximizing functionality within the home. The open concept main level will remain hot, and homeowners will strive to create a sophisticated yet comfortable look.

Pendant Lighting

In terms of lighting, 2016 is the year of the statement pendant. A pendant light includes one light fixture that hangs down from the ceiling, usually using metal rods, cords or chains. 2016 is the year of the “statement pendant” because homeowners will choose pendants that make a statement, show some personality and become a focal point of the room. The Edison Bulb will also be popular, now that there are LED models that let you enjoy the vintage look while also being energy efficient.

Functional Decorative Items

Going with the contemporary design trend, we will also see an increase in the use of functional decorative items. Décor such as bowls, containers and chests won’t just be used as a fashion statement – homeowners will also get more use out of them by hiding necessary items such as mail and keys to achieve the minimalist contemporary look. Another example: using mirrors as wall décor adds a decorative element but also works to make small rooms larger and to function as a last minute check before you walk out the door.

Relaxing Bathrooms

The design choices for bathrooms will be focused on creating a spa-like feel. 2016 homeowners want their bathrooms to be places of relaxation and rejuvenation. They will use soothing colors and spa-like decorating choices to create a Zen-like feel.

Bringing the Outdoors In

One of the most popular interior design choices for 2016 will be adding live plants to the home, including the kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom. This includes hanging plants, small table-top gardens and groups of pots on side tables. Homeowners will also seek to bring the actual outdoors “inside” by using large windows and sliding glass doors for a better view, with the ability to get closer to nature on the other side.

The theme of bringing the outdoors in has other applications as well. Other trends in 2016 interior design include the use of outdoor-themed prints – florals, animal prints, plant-inspired designs, and the like. These design choices will not be done as heavy patterns or in entire rooms, but rather used sparingly to create subtle accents.

Natural Materials

Natural materials will play a visible role in interior design in 2016. From marble vases or coffee tables to reclaimed wood feature walls or shelving, many of the interior design choices will involve the use of natural materials like wood, stone, marble, quartz, concrete and more.

Modern Metallics

In terms of natural materials, we wanted to call out metallics as a trend all of its own. Here we are seeing the resurgence of metals such as gold, rose gold, copper, brass, bronze and silver, which add a touch of glamor and sophistication to any space. In 2016, we’ll see metallic used in everything, including textiles (like a gold or silver print on pillows), lighting, faucets, fixtures, and general decor. The trend will be to mix and match metals and not necessarily stick to one choice. For example, a homeowner may choose one metal as the focal point but use a second metal to create additional accents.


Some of the other trends have hinted toward the overall trend of sustainability – natural materials and bringing the outdoors in, for example. The focus on sustainability will manifest itself in many forms in 2016 interior design choices. In addition to natural materials, sustainable décor will focus on recycling, repurposing, reinventing and reusing items. Whether you take a DIY approach or buy pre-made items, sustainable décor means finding new uses for old things and reimagining pieces that you currently own.

Artisan Décor

Jumping off the sustainability trend, there will also be a trend toward featuring artisan décor in 2016 homes. Homeowners are looking for signature pieces such as hand-crafted pottery, handwoven textiles, and décor that is made by hand. This allows homeowners and decorators to support their local artisans but also to fill the home with unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Geometric Designs

The trend of geometric designs is also a way to get back to the basics – squares, triangles, rectangles and other geometric shapes, arranged in interesting patterns, will be found in many 2016 homes. Geometric designs will be popular for elements like flooring, backsplash, and countertops, where geometric patterned tiles can create intrigue. Geometric designs will also be popular in things like light fixtures, wall decals, décor, and furniture.

Neutral Tones with Bold Accents

Part of the contemporary style is the focus on neutral colors, including white, cream, beige, black, gray and basic earth tones. These colors create a classic and sophisticated “grown up” look. However, designers are also reemphasizing the importance of color, using bold colors to mix up an otherwise neutral color scheme.

Colors can be added as a bold accent wall or in sprinkling color in your design elements like colorful chairs, pillows, rugs, furniture, and wall decorations. One of the trendiest colors will be a bold blue, but Pantone 2016 colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue will also be popular. Keeping the main walls, flooring etc. neutral will allow homeowners to show character with color accent pieces, but also change things up when desired.


Wallpaper has been seen as dated and old-fashioned for a while now, but it will certainly be coming back in 2016. The Huffington Post recently did a piece on wallpaper trends for 2016, which includes geometric shapes and wallpaper that mimics natural materials – two trends that we have already discussed in this article.

Depth of Texture

A final 2016 interior design trend to mention is the goal of creating a depth of texture in a room with the design choices. This can include mixing hard textures like wood or cement with smooth surfaces like shiny metallic or glass with soft textures such as suede or faux fur. Having a range of textures in the décor and surfaces of the room creates an appealing look where your senses of sight and touch come alive.

The 2016 interior design trends represent a mix of modern elements with a focus on sustainability, functionality, natural materials, and design choices that appeal to the senses. Gather your inspiration from the list above and from other articles on our blog, then get to work recreating the looks in your own home.