Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Gerety Building and Restoration has been serving the Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT areas for over 35 years. Our success is linked to our commitment to provide the highest level of customer service at every stage of your project.

So what can you expect when you choose Gerety for your next remodeling project? This article outlines our process of delivering the ultimate customer experience to our valuable clients.

Beginning a New Project

Customer service is something you demonstrate from day one. At Gerety Building and Restoration, we demonstrate that in the way we handle estimates – more specifically, I, Keith Gerety, founder and owner, personally handle all project estimates.

Owners of other remodeling companies typically send out an estimator instead. Their logic is that you are not a paying customer yet, and the owner’s time is better spent elsewhere.

At Gerety Building and Restoration, we completely disagree with this logic. I want to show you from day one that YOU are important to our company. I am eager to listen to your project ideas and to make a personal connection with you.

By personally handling the estimate, I can also better guide your project. I can tell you what is realistic for your budget, what is more efficient, what may look better, and so on. My 35+ years of experience can help guide your project and recalibrate your vision so Gerety Building & Restoration can successfully orchestrate that vision.

During the Project

Once the project moves forward, I step back a little and let my team of craftsmen go to work. This is a team I have hand-picked, including carpenters, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, roofers and other skilled tradesmen. They are reliable experts in their fields and I know I can depend on them to carry out the project plans to my own high standard of quality.

However, just because I trust my team doesn’t mean that I take a hands off approach during the project. Projects typically involve challenges (both aesthetic and structural) that require revisions to the plan. As the person in charge of orchestrating your vision, it is my job to troubleshoot when issues come up. I visit every project at least once a week or sometimes more. In addition to troubleshooting, I like to check in on all projects so you know that your project is a continued priority for me.

Ending the Project

To end the project, I personally conduct the final walkthrough with you. I want to discuss what we’ve done and make sure you are happy with the work. Since I keep in communication with all clients and projects from beginning to end, our clients are always delighted with the final results. The final walkthrough is truly an exciting event.
The final walkthrough is never a goodbye though.

Gerety Building & Restoration is a long-term solution company – we advocate long-term solutions and carry all projects through for the long term. During the walkthrough you can sign up for a maintenance program and you can also call us down the line if any issues come up. In this way, our customer service extends into the future because you can always count on us. You are a valuable member of the Gerety family for life.

This important aspect of customer service has helped us build lifetime clients. As years pass, a single project evolves into multiple projects with a repeat client that calls on us any time a new project comes up or when they move to a new home. We have also watched our client’s kids grow up, and then those kids become our clients too. It warms our hearts to think that not only are you a part of the Gerety family – you invite us into your family as well.

Gerety Building & Restoration is the top choice for remodeling in the Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT areas because our focus on customer service is second to none. If you want to experience the best in customer service – as well as breathtaking remodeling services – call us to schedule your estimate today.