Bringing New Life to the Historic Gideon Reynolds Brick House

Do you love seeing historic properties being used and enjoyed? How about the addition of a few modern touches while not disturbing timeless structural details? This kind of respectful remodeling allows for a friendly cohabitation of past and present. And, of course, it also makes for a truly unique home.

We recently had the privilege of being involved in a project that created this exact kind of cohabitation. We’ll touch on the highlights, but for more details and photos please visit the original article published in Bedford Magazine.

A Quick Look at This Unique Remodeling Project

Jim and Jean Prusko, the owners of the Gideon Reynolds Brick House, have a passion for bringing fresh life and vision to beautiful old homes. In fact, this is the fourth home that they have renovated together. Drawn by the beautiful location, rich history, and abundant character, the Brick House offered the perfect opportunity to move from the home they had outgrown and launch an exciting new project.

The spaces are stunning, simultaneously classy and timeless. In many ways, they transcend “trends” which is part of the value of investing in a property like this. After all, how could exposed brick, period-correct millwork (courtesy of Nichols Woodworking), and long, breezy hallways ever not be considered “in”? There are even nooks in the brick wall that were used for baking bread back in the home’s early days.

Isn’t that amazing?

The Wine House Is Too Awesome to Miss

Most people are familiar with the idea of a wine cellar, but how about a wine house?

A wooden structure that stands on the orchard included within the 5-acre property has been converted and remodeled into the ultimate entertainment destination. Maintaining its perch on a fieldstone cube, this outbuilding has been converted into a wine house, complete with storage and cooling equipment below and a finished upstairs.

To keep the rustic, yet classy, vibe, we installed a gorgeous barn siding in the lower level of the structure, refinished the floors, and wired the cellar with biometric locks. We also brought in a team of Italian artisans to hand-plaster the walls upstairs. All of this comes together to create a secure, beautiful, fully-functional venue for wine and cheese parties.

We wish the Prusko family all the best with their home, and are so thankful that this historic property is in the hands of those that truly appreciate it. We are also grateful for the opportunity to play a part in its rejuvenation!

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