What is Design-Build Contracting?

This is a question we get from clients all the time. They are looking for a custom home builder and need both design ideas and execution on their project. So, what exactly is design-build contracting?” Design-Build Construction is bringing the ideas, concepts and needs of the client to a very experienced team of architects, designers, and custom builders who work together at Gerety Building and Restoration as one unit to execute on your project. While this may seem complex, the design-build contracting process is quite simple, because it includes a single team focused on the entire build process from hand-crafted design through to construction.

The Design-Build Process

When you work with a custom home builder like Gerety Building and Restoration, you don’t need to worry about hiring a separate architect or designer. We have highly qualified and talented partners in both these fields that are ready to help make your dream a reality. Since we’ve spent decades working alongside these amazing partners and have established relationships, we’re able to mitigate any miscommunications or delays, and be completely collaborative. We will be your singular team with the sole vision of bringing your project to life. If you already have an architect, that works too! You can supply us with their architectural plans, and we can ensure we bring the collective vision to life.


The Benefits

This collaborative process helps when it comes to quality and cost. Our close relationships and years of experience help us make sure the product is always top notch without cutting any corners. We have been doing this for forty years, so we really have seen it all. This creates a team environment where we know we can solve every hurdle. We also use our knowledge and experience as custom home builders to make sure we can complete your project at the lowest cost possible, while still maintaining luxury quality. Gerety Building and Restoration’s network will help you find the best market prices for all the materials your project may need no matter what part of your home you are remodeling.


So, what should you expect when signing up to do a project with us? Well first we will set you up with one of our architects and designers to help you bring every detail of your dream home renovation to life. Our architects take this information and can create 3D renders of what the finished product should be. We share these designs with you and work to make sure it’s just as you pictured it. Once we get the go ahead, we start sourcing the materials and partner with our network of partners to begin the building process. Then we set up a schedule for construction so you can be sure that your project is hitting every milestone before completion. That’s what true custom home building looks like. This process helps you stay involved the entire time while ensuring we deliver the quality luxury renovation that Gerety Building and Restoration is known for.


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