Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors – Tips for the Westchester County Homeowner

Choosing interior paint colors should be a fun, invigorating process. We purposefully used the word “should” because, as unfortunate as it is, a lot of times homeowners become a bit stressed by the idea of selecting a new palette for their home. This might be due to the fact that interior paint feels permanent; after all, it can’t be simply returned to the store if it doesn’t fit well.

This is all especially true when it comes to painting your kitchen. There is huge stylistic opportunity in this central room, but at the same time there are a lot of elements to consider. If you are planning a kitchen painting project, our suggestion is first to take a deep breath, relax, and try to enjoy the process. And, as you relax, consider these few tips that we have compiled below.

A Kitchen Painting Strategy – Take It One Step at a Time!

  • Feel free to steal ideas! – Websites like are ideal because they give you a window into many different homes that showcase an equally wide variety of styles. For example, follow this link and see what you find: kitchen paint.
  • Start with your cabinets – Cabinets (closely followed by counters) are the heavy-hitters of your kitchen’s style. Do you prefer stained, painted, or perhaps a custom finish? The colors that you fill the space with need to follow the tone of your cabinets.
  • Consider your lighting – Your kitchen’s light source is a definite consideration. If there is plenty of natural, warm light, you can get away with a darker color scheme. If light is limited, or purely artificial, you may want to choose lighter colors to counteract that.
  • Use samples – Even though it might not look visually appealing for a day or two, try painting a few test areas on the wall. As the paint dries and gets to interact with the light in your home, it should give you a better idea of which you like more.

Which Paint Sheen Is Best for a Kitchen?

Sheen progresses from flat (matte) to high-gloss, and each incremental level means that the paint will be more reflective and durable. This can be good, but higher gloss paint also is typically less forgiving of any surface imperfections. A good deal of preparation is necessary for a clean, flawless finish.

Semi-gloss paint is typically the most recommended for kitchens because it is bright, strong, and can stand up to the wear and tear of an active area.

Do You Need a Professional Painting and Building Company?

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