10 Backyard Oasis Inspirations for Your Outdoor Summer Renovation

Picture sunny afternoons by the pool, family barbecues in your outdoor kitchen, cool summer nights by a custom fire pit…sound like a dream? Make it a reality this summer. Transform your backyard into your personal oasis with a luxury outdoor renovation.

There are countless ways to renovate your outdoor living space, but here’s a good place to start.

1. Relax and Entertain with a Custom Patio

Well-crafted custom patios are designed to be the centerpiece of your backyard, offering a space to relax and entertain. They should complement the natural landscape, balancing aesthetic and practicality to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Be sure to choose the right stone for your custom patio. Whether you’re looking for smooth, flat field stone or textured, colorful bluestone, it’s important to explore all of your options when working with your architect and contractor. If you’re unsure which stone will work best for your space, feel free to ask the professionals.

2. Get Moving with a Backyard Sports Court

No need to head to the club to get your practice in this summer. Whether you’re working on your backhand or practicing your three-pointers, consider incorporating a tennis or basketball court into your backyard renovation.

Find a contractor that specializes in sports court installation to ensure that your court is designed and installed correctly to fit your backyard. Consider what surface you’d like incorporated into the design—clay, concrete, acrylic, etc.—and talk to your design-build team throughout the process to ensure your unique needs are met.

3. Cool Off by Diving into a Custom Pool

No luxury backyard renovation is complete without a custom pool. Consider installing a creatively designed in-ground pool with curves, dips, and custom elements or a small, sophisticated plunge pool/swim spa to optimize your fitness routine.

Be sure you choose the right contractor to install any outdoor water features. Rely on a professional to explore every possible option for your space, allowing you to get creative with your pool area to make the perfect backyard oasis.

4. Embrace Your Surroundings with Natural Materials

Balance your luxury outdoor renovations with the natural surroundings by incorporating natural materials into your design. Let the natural surroundings play their own role in the design, and be sure your design complements them.

If your design includes wooden materials, consider using wood shake for an organic, rustic aesthetic or smooth cedar planes for a refined, natural finish. If your backyard includes any natural streams or bodies of water, design your outdoor living space around them.

5. Stop and Smell the Roses with Creative Landscaping

No backyard oasis is complete without creative landscaping. Whether you prefer to relax in the shade under beautiful oak trees or to meander through a flower-filled custom garden maze, be sure to consider your landscaping options when it comes to your summer renovation.

Ask your designer, architect, and/or contractor about biophilic design trends, a popular design method that allows you to connect your living space with the natural environment.

Feeling inspired? Talk to a leading luxury renovation firm today to start your outdoor summer renovation.