What’s the Best Flooring Option for a Dog Owner?

You love hardwood, and you love your dog… So, what should you do?

There are really few downsides to owning a dog. What’s not to love about unconditional friendship, a buddy who is perpetually in a good mood, and having a great listener around the house?

One important thing to be sure of is that your home is as ready for your four-legged friend as you are, and that the existing materials are conducive to paws and claws. We recently discovered a fantastic question on Houzz.com from a homeowner who has multiple large dogs, loves hardwood floors, and needs to find a new flooring solution that meets the needs of everyone involved. After all, hardwood and pet claws typically don’t get along very well, and few things are more sad than watching a beautiful surface be slowly taken over by scratches and gouges.

Since this is a common question, we thought we’d share a unique solution that we suggest to building and remodeling clients of our own.


Using Ceramic Tile Instead of Hardwood

When it comes down to it, the primary benefit of hardwood is the unique, aesthetic beauty it offers. From rich, nutty browns to warm amber planks, the appeal is easy to understand.

Have you considered a ceramic tile that mimics wood?

More than ever before, wood-grain tile offers a stunningly accurate aesthetic. And, if you specifically look for options with “rectified edges,” there will be minimal grout visible between the sections. This makes the look even more authentic. For more information about common wood-grain tile misconceptions, and for beautiful examples to browse, take a look at this article: 4 Myths about Wood-Grain Tile.

What Are the Benefits of Tile Flooring?

  • Durability – Claws are no match for the rugged surface
  • Easy to clean – Many wood floors require specialized cleaners, but tile does not
  • Pairs beautifully with radiant heating – Under-floor heating systems work very well with tile, creating an efficient and comfortable space
  • Huge variety of styles – From sleek and modern to distressed country flooring, there are options available to suit your taste

How Else Can We Help with Your Building and Remodeling Needs?

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