10 Home Remodeling Trends You Should Know About

Are you a homeowner considering a remodeling project? Stay on top of what’s hot with these 10 remodeling trends.

(1) Using a Kitchen Designer

In the past, using a kitchen designer was rare – reserved for the biggest projects and clients with the largest budgets. These days using a kitchen designer is a standard procedure. In a project delivery method known as design-build, the contractor works alongside the kitchen designer to translate the homeowner’s wishes into what is feasible, functional and beautiful.


(2) Automation and the Connected Home

With today’s technology, automation is hot in every area of life, including remodeling. Today’s homeowners are taking advantage of technology to make their homes more connected and automated. Some examples include:

  • Sink faucets that use motion sensors instead of regular handles.
  • Connected technology that allows you to control your home from your phone, including the temperature, lighting, security system, window shades and more.
  • Lights that are activated by a sensor, turning on or off as people enter or leave the room.

Smart home technology is a huge area for innovation right now and is growing to include things like coffee makers operated from your phone via an app, and a dishwasher that opens when you clap twice.

(3) Stand-Alone Showers and Tubs

Not too long ago we wrote an article titled, ‘Where Have All the Bathtubs Gone?’ reflecting on this current trend in bathroom remodeling. While shower and tub combinations used to be the norm, bathrooms are now trending toward stand-alone units. In smaller bathrooms, this takes the form of a large, tiled shower, minus the bathtub. Larger bathrooms today tend to include a large shower and a soaker tub, both as stand-alone units.

(4) Radiant Heat Flooring

With radiant heat flooring, your heating system is installed under the floor surface, instead of through a conventional forced-air system. Some of the benefits include better efficiency & air quality, and greater design flexibility.

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Posted by Gerety Building and Restoration on Friday, October 9, 2015


(5) Wood Look Tile Flooring

To follow up on another flooring trend, homeowners are combining the durability of tile flooring with the beauty of wood by installing wood look tile flooring. Just as the name suggests, wood look is made of ceramic or porcelain tiles that are designed to look like hardwood. This flooring style is often combined with radiant heat, because tile is an excellent heat conductor and also does not contract or expand like other flooring materials.

(6) Energy Efficiency

There is also a trend toward energy efficiency when making material and design choices for your home remodel. There are a range of options, including:
• Energy efficient appliances, heating/cooling systems, etc.
• Energy efficient windows.
• Solar panels and solar panel-powered water heaters.
• A cool roof that reflects sunlight and lowers temperature.
There are many other options available, and your contractor can help you make energy efficient decisions in your remodeling project.

(7) Wood Shake Roofs

Although there are a lot of roofing materials to choose from, one trend we’re seeing is the wood shake roof, which gives your home the natural, beautiful look of wood. Beyond aesthetics, benefits of wood shake roofs include insulation, durability, longevity and low maintenance.

(8) Basement Escapes

Basements used to be places for storage, and while storage is important, we’re also seeing a trend toward making basements functional and livable. Many homeowners are remodeling their basement to give them added livable space. This includes creating entertainment rooms, office space, home gyms, and dedicated space for guests.

(9) Outdoor Living

Some have suspected that social media may make us more isolated, but so far this doesn’t seem to be the case – another trend in remodeling is expanding your home outward into outdoor living and entertaining spaces where people can come together around an outdoor fireplace, cook in an outdoor kitchen or pizza oven, and sit around on a beautifully constructed deck.

(10) Customization

A final trend in remodeling is customization. These days there really are no design rules, and with the abundance of options, you can customize everything to make your home unique.

As you can see, there are a lot of great trends happening in home remodeling right now. Hopefully this list has sparked some ideas for your next project.

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