What Are the Benefits of a Granite Countertop? Remodeling Tips for Greenwich, CT

Countertops play a unique role in your home’s design. While architecture, paint color, and decor are all huge components of what makes your home your own, there is something special about a beautifully chosen countertop.

This might be because the material you choose ties your home to something that feels a little more wild and natural; there is a flavor of raw authenticity in a slab of stone or the smooth texture of cool, polished wood under your fingertips.

When you think of beautiful, classy countertops, what do you think of? As we said, there are certainly a wide variety to choose from, but the majority of people (maybe yourself included!) would say that granite is one of the first to come to mind.

Why Are Granite Counters so Popular?

  • Beauty – Granite is offered in many styles, each owning a unique, natural beauty. You can choose from the different shades offered and match it to your space, creating an awesome point of connection for the colors and style in the room.
  • Timeless appeal – Granite is a surface that really never goes out of style. The colors and decorations around it might change, but the rock itself is impervious to trends.
  • Durability – The word “granite” is practically synonymous with strength and reliability. You could say that it’s a beautiful workhorse!
  • Withstands heat – Especially in a kitchen area, this is an important attribute.
  • Stain-resistant and easily washed (when sealed properly) – Chemicals and cleaners can be used on its surface, making it a functional, practical choice.
  • Versatile – When you think of granite counters, do you visualize them as being in the kitchen only? In reality, they can be used in other places as well, including dressing rooms, bathrooms, or as a bar top, to name just a few.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Involved with Granite Counters?

Granite is porous, so it is necessary to reseal its surface periodically in order to maintain its resistance to staining and liquids. The frequency with which you will need to seal it depends quite a bit on the color of your particular counter. Darker stone is typically more dense than lighter, making the sealing treatment longer-lasting. Regardless, it’s always better to err on the side of caution, so re-sealing your counters every 3-6 months is generally a wise idea. It’s not a very labor-intensive project and can be done with materials from your local home supply store.

Do You Need a Home Building and Remodeling Professional?

Talking with an industry professional can be a wonderful way to raise and address your questions, especially before you jump into your home building or remodeling adventure! If you live in the Greenwich, CT, or Westchester, NY, area, why not contact us at Gerety Building and Restoration? It would be our pleasure to help!