Hire the Best Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Projects

Now that summer is here, it is the perfect time for you to start planning and executing your home remodeling projects. There are so many ways you can improve upon the structure and appearance of your home. If you take some time to assess your home’s condition, you may find that there are some things […]

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

Roof is one of the most important aspect of any building. No matter how big or small of a repair your roof needs, you are always better off doing it right away then putting it off. Learn more about our roofing services here.

Wood Shake Roof Installation

If your roof is leaking, sagging, has dark spots and trails, or is missing some shingles, it might be time for a roof repair or possibly a complete new roof installation. We recently completed the installation of a new extra thick tapersawn wood shake roof for a client in Stamford CT. Below are some pictures […]

Roofing Installation and Copper Gutters in Pound Ridge, NY

Gerety Building and Restoration was tasked with the job of restoring a historic pound ridge home. We recently installed a new wood shake roof, and copper gutters, making the historic property already look as good as a new build. Below are some pictures of the roof installation and copper gutters project so far. Visit our roofing […]

Roofing Installation on Historic Pound Ridge Home

We were tasked with the job of restoring a historical landmark, the hoyt homestead home in Pound Ridge, NY. First stage of the process was the installation of a new cedar shake roof: see pictures below. More restoration work is scheduled to be completed in the next few days. Learn more about our roofing services here.

Roofing: When You Might Need Roof Repair

One of the worst things that can happen to the interior of your home is when water comes leaking in from the outside. This tends to happen when heavy rains come and hit your roof with more water than normal. When there are already roof deficiencies in place, the large amount of water will find […]

Protecting Your Roof: Plan Ahead For Summer Storms

In every state this summer, storm season will cause damage to homes. Wind, hail, lightning, and flooding that comes with severe thunderstorms is responsible for much of the damage. Much of the structural damage will be minimal, but a few homeowners will experience large amounts of damage. If you want to avoid being one of […]

When is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

Many homeowners are hesitant to replace their roof even when the signs of problems are obvious. After all, roofs are expensive and without being a roofing specialist, it can be hard to know if it is time to replace your roof or if you are being taken for a ride by your local roofing contractor. […]

Choosing the Right Roofing Option for Your Home

If your roof is leaking, the shingles are coming loose and you’re noticing moisture seeping into your home, then it’s time to replace your roof. Roof replacement can be a confusing home improvement project to take on because of the many roofing material options available. Yet, it doesn’t have to be so complex. If you […]