Protecting Your Roof: Plan Ahead For Summer Storms

In every state this summer, storm season will cause damage to homes. Wind, hail, lightning, and flooding that comes with severe thunderstorms is responsible for much of the damage. Much of the structural damage will be minimal, but a few homeowners will experience large amounts of damage. If you want to avoid being one of the homeowners that has serious damage to their home plan ahead and you’ll have a better chance of escaping the summer storm season with serious damage.

Thunderstorms can all cause damage, but severe storms are the biggest concern. Severe thunderstorms are to blame for most of the property damage they are dangerous storms.

Quality roofing materials are important in standing up against storms. Roofing companies can tell you what materials are you best bet in surviving the storms. Maintenance of your roof is as important as the materials you start with. Regular, yearly maintenance must be done on your roof.

Wind is the most frequent cause of summer storm damage. Severe wind is at least 60 miles per hour, though some windstorms can get as fast as 100 miles per hour! Winds ranging from 60 mph and up lead to damage of your home and be incredibly dangerous.

Severe wind has the greatest effect on roofs and siding. The damage to both of these areas can be reduced if extra effort is put in during the construction phase. When deciding between roofing companies remember this decision will affect you and your roof for many storm seasons to come! Your decking should be strongly anchored to your walls and foundation, this comes with a well designed roof. This anchoring will stop your entire roof from being physically removed in a big storm! Attaching your shingles to your roof is also important. The best quality shingle poorly attached will still come up in a severe wind.

Maintaining the trees on your property is very important. Dead and weak limbs could fall and cause damage to your roof in the next windstorm so they should be removed. Removing these bad branches will bring down the chance your roof sustains damage in a summer storm.

Roofing companies can help you to find the materials that will best handle these storms. Quality materials and a reliable roofer will best prepare your home to handle a storm. Practicing regular maintenance of both your roof AND surrounding trees will also save you from the stress of storm damage.