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6 Reasons Why Wintertime Should Be Your Home Remodeling Time!

October 18, 2016

With fall undeniably here, local homeowners are putting away their landscaping tools, covering the pool, turning the heat on (maybe for the first time), and getting ready to weather the winter.

Rather than hibernate, we have a better alternative. Why not take advantage of the season and wrap up a home remodeling project?

Why Is Winter the Right Time for Home Remodeling?

Many homeowners, maybe yourself included, think of home remodeling and improvement jobs as best left for spring. Warmer weather seems more conducive to that kind of work.The reality is, there are numerous solid reasons why winter is actually an ideal time to tackle these bigger projects. Let’s take a look!

#1 Scheduling Flexibility and Availability

Many contractors find themselves with a lighter schedule during the winter, especially when it comes to interior work. You can take advantage of this “off season” and enjoy the extra level of availability.

In some cases, permits and other building-related paperwork can be processed by your local government agencies faster as well. That’s always a bonus!

#2 Never Fear – Your Project Can Be Contained!

Are you concerned about paint fumes, dust, and other by-products of construction-related work? Expert building contractors have tools, techniques, and improved products available that make containment completely possible.

#3 Fight the Winter Blues!

Winters here in Westchester and Fairfield counties can be long and cold. A home remodeling project is a fun way to keep the season moving! And, when spring rolls around, you’ll be ahead of the game and ready to start the warmer months in style.

#4 Create the Extra Space You Need

Your project might involve updating an existing area (like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project), but it also could involve creating a totally new and functional space. Basement finishing, for example, can add that life-improving square-footage you and your family need. It could be a game room, extra bedroom, in-law suite, family room, media space, master bathroom, etc…

#5 Inventory Availability

Have you ever tried to buy a specific ingredient at the supermarket right before a holiday? The shelves are typically empty! It’s always best to plan ahead and buy what you need before the aisles are stormed by shoppers.

The same holds true for home improvement and remodeling projects. The off-season yields more inventory in most cases, and can make sourcing items and materials much easier.

#6 Exterior Projects Might Be More Possible Than You Realize As Well!

We encourage you to talk to your local home building professional about all of your goals, even the exterior-related ones. Many homeowners assume a particular project can’t be completed until spring, but this sometimes isn’t the case. The possibilities for winter-time work are more expansive than you might realize.

Whether inside or out, few things are more satisfying and fun than working with an expert builder on improving your most important investment. And, winter is the time to get the project rolling!

What’s the Best Flooring Option for a Dog Owner?

September 29, 2015

You love hardwood, and you love your dog… So, what should you do?

There are really few downsides to owning a dog. What’s not to love about unconditional friendship, a buddy who is perpetually in a good mood, and having a great listener around the house?

One important thing to be sure of is that your home is as ready for your four-legged friend as you are, and that the existing materials are conducive to paws and claws. We recently discovered a fantastic question on from a homeowner who has multiple large dogs, loves hardwood floors, and needs to find a new flooring solution that meets the needs of everyone involved. After all, hardwood and pet claws typically don’t get along very well, and few things are more sad than watching a beautiful surface be slowly taken over by scratches and gouges.

Since this is a common question, we thought we’d share a unique solution that we suggest to building and remodeling clients of our own.


Using Ceramic Tile Instead of Hardwood

When it comes down to it, the primary benefit of hardwood is the unique, aesthetic beauty it offers. From rich, nutty browns to warm amber planks, the appeal is easy to understand.

Have you considered a ceramic tile that mimics wood?

More than ever before, wood-grain tile offers a stunningly accurate aesthetic. And, if you specifically look for options with “rectified edges,” there will be minimal grout visible between the sections. This makes the look even more authentic. For more information about common wood-grain tile misconceptions, and for beautiful examples to browse, take a look at this article: 4 Myths about Wood-Grain Tile.

What Are the Benefits of Tile Flooring?

  • Durability – Claws are no match for the rugged surface
  • Easy to clean – Many wood floors require specialized cleaners, but tile does not
  • Pairs beautifully with radiant heating – Under-floor heating systems work very well with tile, creating an efficient and comfortable space
  • Huge variety of styles – From sleek and modern to distressed country flooring, there are options available to suit your taste

How Else Can We Help with Your Building and Remodeling Needs?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions! Or, for a better feel of the work we do, you can browse our portfolio here.

Spring and Summertime Home Maintenance Ideas for Greenwich, CT

June 16, 2015

As you may have gathered by looking at either past posts or our website, we’re passionate about adding beauty and value to homes in our area. Sometimes this is done through quality building and remodeling, or by applying beautiful new interior or exterior paint to fortify and protect your surfaces. At the same time, however, investing in other strategic home maintenance activities will also pay a large dividend down the road.

Gerety Building and Restoration: Winner of the 2015 Best of Houzz Award for Customer Satisfaction!

February 14, 2015

In addition to offering a high-quality product, we also are very focused on providing a high-quality customer experience. This is important for any business, but in our line of work it takes on a new level of importance. Why? Because when people call on our home building and remodeling services, we aren’t just arriving on a jobsite. We’re being invited to your home!