4 Must-Have Smart Tech Features for Your Bathroom Renovation

Smart technology has become one of the most desired features when renovating a home. High-tech features automate homes to achieve a new level of luxury—so it’s no surprise that smart bathroom features are quickly increasing in popularity.

Innovative bathroom technology can complement every type of home—from new construction to timeless historic homes.

Smart technology allows homeowners to customize and automate bathroom functionality for everything from cabinets to bathtubs and showers to promote a spa-like experience.

Take your bathroom’s renovation to the next level with these customizable, high-tech bathroom features: 

Touchless Faucets: Conserve & Customize

With a variety of sleek designs, customizable settings, and touchless technology, smart sink faucets are a must-have bathroom fixture—it’s easy to see why with these features:

  • Programmable water run time and temperature preferences for teeth-brushing, hand washing, face washing, and more.
  • Infrared touchless technology is more efficient and reduces the spread of germs.
  • Water flow and digital temperature controls conserve water and energy.

Luxury touchless faucets are not only becoming increasingly popular in residential bathrooms—they also conserve and preserve water for a more eco-friendly home.


Connected Cabinets: Recharging & Entertainment

Many cabinet manufacturers are blending practicality with entertainment to create gorgeous, multipurpose cabinets. Connected cabinets bring the perfect blend of form and function to your bathroom’s vanity area.

Luxury connected cabinets can be designed to include:

  • Smartphone charging stations
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Integrated TV screens
  • Towel warming drawers
  • Refrigerated sections for skin products
  • Outlets and charging stations for electric toothbrushes, razors, hair styling tools, and more
3d modeling and rendering of a bathroom

White Hot Features: Warm & Dry

There’s no better feeling than wrapping yourself in a fresh, warm towel after a shower or bath.

Heated drawers and towel racks guarantee toasty towels, keeping your towels feeling straight-out-of-the-dryer warm at all times.

Heat technology makes it so you never have to feel the shock of your cold bathroom tiles ever again with heated floor tiles, so your feet will always be comfortably warm.

Custom Shower & Bath: Unwind & Refresh

Customizing your shower or bath is an excellent way to freshen up before your day begins or unwind at the end of a long day.

LCD panels in your shower or bath allow you to control:

  • Chromatherapy settings to boost your mood with diffused lights and colors
  • Water temperature, pressure, and steam
  • Bluetooth showerhead music settings
  • Built-in TV settings
  • Floor heating pads settings


Choose the Right Team to Make Your Bathroom High-Tech

High-end renovations require an expert eye—bathrooms are no exception. When upgrading your bathroom with smart technology, set yourself up for a successful renovation by hiring a design-build firm that specializes in bathroom remodels.

When renovating, it’s important to research potential contractors by viewing their workreading reviews, and taking the time to discuss your goals with them.

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