Popular Wintertime Home Improvement Projects in Fairfield County

Winter is typically a season during which people huddle down, push through the cold weather, and look forward to the warmth and potential of spring. Not much is done around the house beyond essential maintenance, adjusting the thermostat, and keeping the driveway clear after the occasional snow storm.

Sound familiar?

In reality, winter holds awesome opportunities for home improvement, providing an ideal time to enhance and improve your property. As an added benefit, expending this kind of creative energy helps the colder months go by more quickly, while also shortening your to-do list for spring.

5 Ways To Improve Your Home During the Winter Months

  1. Roofing – Did you know that roof repairs and even replacement can be completed during the winter? The right roofing professional will know how to navigate the weather, plan ahead, and protect your home.
  2. Insulation – Older homes in particular often lose energy and precious warmth due to a lack of insulation. Having a professional add insulation to attics and crawl spaces can dramatically improve your quality of life as temperatures plummet.
  3. Update Your Thermostat – Speaking of wasting heat, older, traditional thermostats can contribute to lost efficiency as well. Programmable thermostats, on the other hand, can be set to match your specific heating needs throughout the day. It can run a little cooler during work hours for example, then warm up in time for the family to rejoin in the afternoon.
  4. Lighting – Much of winter’s dreariness is directly connected to a lack of light. Installing new skylights can maximize your hours of daylight, and professionally installing strategically-placed lighting overall can keep things bright, cheery, and functional. Sun tunnels also can be a good option, delivering sunlight into traditionally dark spaces (including closets!).
  5. Splurge a Little! – How about a purely fun, luxurious improvement? Adding a steam shower, for example, is comfortable, healthy, relaxing, and take’s off the winter’s chill faster than almost anything else. You deserve it! Or, if you’re more of a tub person, add a stylish soaking tub to your master bathroom.

Talk To a Home Improvement and Building Professional To Get Started

You’ll never regret making your home more enjoyable and efficient, and you’ll also never regret taking the time to find the right professional. If you live here in Fairfield or Westchester Counties, we encourage you to contact us at Gerety Building & Restoration. It would be our pleasure to serve you!