Features to Consider before Your next Bathroom Remodel

Are you considering a bathroom remodel?

If so, you’ll never regret it. Bathrooms (along with kitchens) are huge selling points in a home, adding long-term value to your property investment. For more about why bathroom remodeling is valuable, take a look at another article we wrote: Is It Worthwhile to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Beyond simply the investment factor, a comfortable, modern bathroom also makes life a little more enjoyable every day. What could be better?

But, before you jump into the process, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the options that are out there. After all, thanks to the huge interest these days in bathroom design and customization, there are more possibilities than ever before. Few things are worse than finishing a project and then suddenly discovering what you wish you had done…

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of popular bathroom features. Which are your favorite?

Add Style, Function, and Comfort to Your Bathroom’s Design

  • Rainfall shower – Instead of purchasing a traditional showerhead that disperses the water at a 45-degree angle, a rainfall head drops it softly down from directly above you. This simulates refreshing, natural rain.
  • Jacuzzi tub – Few things soak away the cares of the day like the rolling bubbles of a therapeutic jacuzzi. They also take up much less space than a traditional hot tub.
  • Zero threshold shower – Safe, attractive, and spacious, zero threshold showers offer a smooth transition from the bathroom floor to the shower. And, thanks to the beautiful stone tile options that are available, the possibilities for customized style are nearly endless.
  • Radiant heat – Heated floors may sound like a luxury, but they really only feel like one. In reality, they are a practical, efficient source of heat. The fact that they keep your feet warm is a natural benefit.
  • Steam shower – In conjunction with your rainfall showerhead, why not make your shower a steam shower? This brings all of the relaxation of a spa right into your own home, and provides wonderful health benefits too for your muscles, lungs, and skin.

Talk to a Bathroom Remodeling Professional!

The very best way to make sure that your bathroom is everything (and maybe more) that you hope it will be is to work with a trusted remodeling expert. If you live in the Westchester, NY, or Greenwich, CT, areas, we hope that you might reach out to us at Gerety Building and Restoration. We are passionate about what we do, and our craftsmanship and service shows it.