Custom Home Additions: Ideas for Using the Extra Space

If you are considering a home addition, you may still be wondering what to do with the extra space. Most houses have a place that makes sense to add additional space in, but what is the best way to use it? Consider using the space for an extra bedroom, workspace or even storage.

Bedroom/Bathroom Combination

If the kids are getting older and need an extra area to call their own, it may be time for a home addition. With extra bedrooms, siblings that have had to share in the past can be separated. Also, if there is no room for guests or company to stay, creating an extra room makes visits easier to manage, especially if the stay is long term.


Another idea involves giving an older child a little more freedom. Construction can provide them not only with some privacy and a place to call their own, but a separate way in and out of the house, giving them a more independent feel. Sometimes called a mother-in-law suite, it may include a private bath and even a small kitchen space. College students can use this as their very own dorm that attaches to mom and dad, just in case they need food or money.

When making this decision, it is important to look at the big picture. Will this become a space for an elderly relative that needs care later in life? As you build, consider what else you will want from the room in the next several years and plan accordingly.

Extra Storage

Everyone accumulates “stuff” and you may be looking for somewhere to store it. Home additions can be the perfect place to keep holiday decorations, keepsakes, and even seasonal clothing. When building, be sure that you can use every inch available and keep in mind any type of storage containers or shelves that you are planning to place in the room.


Remember that you want to be able to find everything when you need it. Use labels to clearly mark what is inside of each container. Also, group like items together so that they are easier to find. This should free up some other space in the house for you to use in a completely new way.


Working away from the office can be a difficult task if there is no place separated from everyone else in the family. You may need to be able to shut the door and seclude yourself to allow focus on a main task. In this case, home additions would be able to help. As you are working through the designs, consider how important it may be to have a door that can close and let other family members know that you are unavailable.

If you want a workshop or hobbies space, your needs may be completely different. Think about where you will store all of the tools you need. What type of flooring will work best for the materials you use? Do you need space to house completed works as well as those in progress? Be sure to consider exactly how you are going to use the workshop so you get the maximum benefit.