A Walk through a Kitchen Remodel and Addition in Larchmont, NY (Part 1)

Oftentimes when people think of building an addition, or remodeling, they assume that for a valuable difference to be made, a huge addition is required. And, depending on the specific goals you have and the objectives you need your new space to accomplish, a big change might just be in order.

On the other hand, you also could be surprised by how much of a transformation can be made possible by even a relatively small, but well-planned, project. 

Maximizing Your Home’s Space

As a case in point, we want to take you on a brief tour of a kitchen addition and remodel that we finished recently in Larchmont, NY. This tour will begin outside the home, by showing you what the finished product looks like now.

The objective was to create more room in the kitchen, adding onto and completely remodeling the existing space. Through careful communication with the homeowner we built a plan to meet their listed needs, and then got to work.

To help us put together a remodel or addition plan, we use a specialized software that provides photo-quality, 3-D imaging. This will help you, as the homeowner, to visualize exactly what your space will look like when all is said and done. Simultaneously, it helps us to be certain that every aspect of the work meets your specifications, and streamlines our own process for the most efficiency.

Before we take a look at an exterior picture, how about a sneak peek into the inside of the addition?


What do you think of the exterior? Pretty and unobtrusive, it blends right into the overall styling of the home. Saving the very best for last, we’ll show you in our next article what the interior looks like in its entirety, and all that went into it.

Do You Have Questions About Home Remodeling?

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