Why Is Wintertime Interior Painting So Good for You and Your Home?

It’s easy to just hunker down through winter and wait for it to pass. The rhythm of life keeps on tapping, but you might not do much more than the basic routines, just waiting for spring and summer to arrive. After all, those are the seasons for being active, tackling home improvement projects, and making things happen around the house, right?

Or are they?

As we discussed recently, winter is an ideal time for home remodeling for a number of valid, enticing reasons. 

Today, let’s talk about why interior painting is so valuable too, and what it can offer you and household this winter.

4 Reasons Why Interior Painting Can Make Your Winter Better

#1 Low and Zero-VOC Paint Products Make It Possible

If your first concern is air quality, we hear you loud and clear. It used to be that interior paint fumes left a lingering, unpleasant odor.

That’s just not the case anymore. Advanced low and zero-VOC paint options offer an environmentally-friendly solution, providing all the style and quality without the release of volatile organic compounds.

#2 Keep Yourself Engaged

It’s nice to have a project outside of work and family routines that provides a fun, creative outlet. Interior painting offers just that, and this can be especially refreshing during the colder, more confined winter months.

Have fun finding inspiration, too. For example, we suggest exploring Houzz.com. To get you started, below is a photo that leads to our Painting Projects collection.

#3 Remember the Power of Color Psychology

Color offers so much more than style, but can have a tangible impact on mood and demeanor as well. Take a look here for more information and examples of how this really works.

It’s important to also consider the function of the space being painted, then strategically pick a color that fosters a mood to match the purpose. Whether it’s a relaxing, earthy tone for a study or reading space, or vibrant, warm colors for a game room, the right colors will make the whole effect possible.

#4 Scheduling Flexibility with Professional Painters

Because so many homeowners choose to explore their house painting options in the spring and summer, winter is often a slower time for professional painting companies. Subsequent scheduling flexibility means even more options and possibilities for you.

Talk To Your Local Painting Company

House painting doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming prospect; with an experienced, helpful painter guiding the process, it can be incredibly refreshing.

Go ahead. Bring a little spring to your home this winter!