How to Select Paint Colors for Your Home this Fall

Fall is a really great time to spruce up your home before the winter holiday entertaining begins. A relatively easy way to make a big change to your home’s appearance in a short time is by repainting the interior (or even the exterior) of your home.

After you have taken the time to figure out which rooms you want to be painted and then made the effort to find a great local painting contractor to do the work for you, all that is left is selecting your colors.

That should be the easiest part, right? Not quite, as you will quickly realize when you start looking at paint chips and samples and realize that the “nice blue” you had in mind comes in several dozen different shades and finishes.

The best way to determine what shade of paint you are looking for is to bring a sample home, whether it is a paint chip or sample card or one of the small inexpensive testers that paint manufacturers all sell these days. The harsh light of a paint store or your local home center is likely to be very different to the lighting in your own home, so taking that extra step is well worth it to get the result you really want.

When it comes to choosing the ideal finish, the best person to ask is your painting contractor. He or she will be very familiar with the pros and cons of each different finish and able to advise you what will work in the room you are having them paint.