Interior Painting Tip: How Colors Impact Mood


Colors in every home interior always reveal the owner’s personal style and taste. It is commonly observed that whenever we opt to decorate or paint our home, we don’t bother to put enough thought into the color scheme. Colors have great impact on our lives on a daily basis as they have great influence on our moods and thoughts; they affect the behavior of people in different means, depending upon their ages, gender, environment and ethical backgrounds. Therefore when it’s the matter to introduce a color in home interior painting, it is very important to choose a color very sensibly.

If you want to adorn your home in an elegant and beautiful manner, you do not need to worry about latest trends and fashion as these trends will come and go. You can make your home look beautiful and impressive by adding color scheme of your own choice that reveals your personal preference and personality. The major secret is to blend the colors of your choice by applying them in the form of mix and match or contrasts. The selection of color combinations is quite a difficult task for many beginners as color has the ability to transform the shape, size of your furnishing placed in a room but it can also change the shape and size of room where you want to apply them. Choosing the right kind of color is not difficult if a person identifies some basic information about colors and their impacts, therefore for your assistance here is some detail about room colors and how they influence our moods.

Colors of Room and Their Impacts:
According to experts, colors respond in three basic ways; active, passive, and neutral, you can give different colors to different rooms according to your choice and taste depending upon the usage of that particular room. Lighter tones give cool and calm impact making you feel that room loom airy, bright and spacious whereas dark tones reveals sophisticated and warm impact when applying these colors in large room, they give more intimated feeling.


Let’s study some more about the influence of different colors and their impact on a room.

Red Color:

Red color rapidly changes the overall mood of an environment and raises the energy level of the room; this color can be your number one choice if you want to be in excited mood especially at night as it generally considered too stimulating for bedroom interiors. If you bring this color in your living room, dining areas and drawing rooms, it creates a welcoming effect that draws your guests together to converse in a friendly and pleasant environment.


Yellow Color:

Yellow creates an environment of happiness and sunshine in any interior that is considered to be perfect for applying in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms where happy colors forms an energizing and uplifting effect. Although yellow forms a pleasing effect but experts discourage to use this color in major color schemes, this is because some studies shows that folks usually lose their temper and toddlers tend to cry in yellow colored interiors.

Blue Shade:

It is believed that blue color normalize the blood pressure and reduce respiration and heart rate due to these reasons this color is known for its calmness and soothing effect. Blue is usually suggested for bedrooms and bathrooms however you have to be cautious about pastel blue shade as it is believed that this color looks pleasant on the paint chip but brings unpleasant chilliness on furniture pieces particularly in the room where very little natural light has passed through.


We hope that these common tips will help you in making the right decision in search of paint colors for your next interior painting project, but it will be significant to keep in mind that color selection is a very personal decision so be careful and choose the color that suits you, your family and your lifestyle.