Home Addition Ideas

There are a variety of situations that lead people to consider a home addition. Maybe you bought the house of your dreams. You shopped the market and researched houses all over the city until you found one that suited your needs perfectly and you felt that there was nothing that needed to be changed. But then maybe your family grew and what was the perfect space for two people is a little too crowded for four.

Alternately, maybe you finally attained your goal of homeownership but the house you could afford did not quite meet the ideal you had in mind. Or maybe you are just the kind of person that likes to have a project and you can see your house ten years down the line fully remodeled. If you can relate to any of these ideas you are probably considering one or more home additions.


Home additions are a great way to create more space. You can build up or out on your existing building and create extra rooms where needed. Beyond the functionality of home additions there is the added benefit of increasing the value of your property. The higher the value the more you can sell the property for or if you plan on staying the more money you can borrow against it. These remodels can also vastly increase the beauty of your property.

All of these benefits show what a good idea remodeling and expanding can be so let’s consider some of the various choices in home additions.

One of the first changes most people build is the addition of a new bathroom. They are an excellent choice for a first project because a bathroom can be installed in a small space or even a redesigned closet. Everyone wants a more conveniently located bathroom so consider installing one.

Building a garage or redesigning a carport into a garage are both popular choices when considering places to remodel. Many people expect to have a garage when purchasing a house so building one opens up the market greatly. Also, if you live in a climate with a lot of rain the added protection and covered storage afforded by a garage will keep your car out of the elements.

The most drastic change you can make is to build extensions to the existing structure. Some people opt to build an entire floor on top of the rest of the building, but this is a serious undertaking. More often people expand or extend rooms like the kitchen or master bedroom. Perhaps you add a couple bedrooms to one end of the building for the kids. Alternately, you could make a dining room or breakfast nook to enlarge the living area of your kitchen.

Whatever your reasons for enhancing your property the benefits and joy you will receive will be worth it.