High-Value Home Improvements for Resale in Westchester County

This is undeniably a season for home improvement here in Westchester County.

Landscaping projects, deck building, repainting, remodeling, and the list goes on… With summer dawning after a long winter, the time is right to check a few items off your wishlist.

If you’re selling your Westchester home this summer or next, these improvements take on a whole new level of importance and value. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the highest-value projects that you’ll never regret completing.

Best Home Improvement Projects Before Selling Your Home

Interior and Exterior Painting

It’s wise to give your home a refreshed look before it goes on the market, and there are few better ways to do this than with skillfully-applied paint.

Start with the spaces and surfaces that need it most. For the exterior of your home, this would of course include the most faded and worn sections, as well as any areas of wood rot that need to be addressed. In the interior, we recommend sticking with an attractive, neutral palette that has universal appeal.

Kitchens and Bathroom Updates and Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom improvements offer nearly unparalleled returns on investment.

Why? Well, it’s easy to look past a tired or dated appearance in dining spaces, bedrooms, or a living room, but “old” becomes glaringly obvious in your kitchen and bathroom. These rooms also have the potential to hold really high-value materials and features, and that’s what prospective buyers look for. Nobody wants to inherit a project, unless it’s a very unique buyer with ultra-specific goals.

Can You Add a Bedroom or Bathroom?

If you have a smaller home, moving from two bedrooms to three, or one bathroom to two, can make a very positive impact on your home’s overall value and marketability.

Remodel Unused Space!

Attics and basements are fantastic for collecting decorations, kids’ costumes, old furniture, and off-season clothes. Unfortunately, a lot of potential can get hidden and packed away as well. Remodeling these spaces and turning them into home offices, rec rooms, guest rooms, or a master bath can take your property value to a new level, and add substantial quality of life in the process.

Repair or Upgrade Your Roof

Not only does a roof add plenty of practical curb appeal, but a new roof also provides something even more valuable: peace of mind.

As we mentioned above, few new buyers are excited to inherit a project. A solid, high-quality roof over their head is something they’re willing to pay for.

High-Efficiency Appliances and Features

Even if it costs a bit more up front, high-efficiency appliances provide attractive cost-savings over time. Today’s savvy buyers see and appreciate this value.

Partner with a Westchester Home Improvement and Remodeling Expert

Why not have a mock home inspection before your property hits the market? Identify those potential roadblocks that would deter a buyer before their inspector spots them, and collaborate on the wisest enhancements you can make for your situation and budget.

If you live here in Westchester County, give us a call at Gerety Building and Restoration! It would be our privilege to meet your building and remodeling needs.