Decorating in Color: 5 Practical Tips for Redecorating Your Home

Redecorating a space can be overwhelming. The endless options and preferences of design can discourage a homeowner and stop creativity in its tracks. However, the bottom line is there is no hard and fast rule.

In this guest contribution, Denise Davies, Founder and CEO of D2 Interieurs offers practical advice along with some great examples of how a blend of calming neutrals and energizing color creates an easy harmony at home.

1. Buy Quality

Think quality over upfront price. The pieces you’ll use most wear will see the most wear, so they should be highly quality to ensure that you never have to hunt for a replacement. Invest in a well-crafted living room set that will hold up to the punishment inflicted by children, pets, and daily life.

2. Lighting

With so many varieties of lighting available, you can easily incorporate sculptural fixtures while maintaining their primary function – illumination. An impactful light fixture is also a great way to make a statement in an otherwise sedate room. Additionally, try for at least three sources of light in each room: ambient, task, and accent.

3. Mix/Match

The artwork in your home doesn’t necessarily have to match your interior aesthetic. If you live in a Colonial with traditional furniture, nothing looks cooler than an abstract hanging above the fireplace. When you find a piece of art you love, don’t hold off on purchasing just because you don’t think it will go.

4. Buy What You Love

When shopping for furniture, don’t feel limited only to pieces that match the type of home you live in. Don’t be afraid to busy something that might not “match”. You’ll always find a place for special pieces you instantly fall in love with. It’s your space, so decorate it the way you want to.

5. Color

Incorporate color in your design, thoughtfully. For a fun kids’ room, use white walls and a punchy accent wall or ceiling, so as not to overwhelm the room. For common living spaces, use a neutral-toned palette with pops of color, which allows you the flexibility to easily change your aesthetic on a whim.

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