4 Ways to Preserve Your Home’s Wood Siding – Have You Done Any of These This Summer?

Your home’s exterior surfaces are easy to take for granted until, well, something goes wrong. The truth is, a lot of damage and decay can be either nipped in the bud or avoided altogether if you have a proactive approach to maintenance.

To help you get started, we thought we’d share a few suggestions that are perfect for the summer season.

Keep Your Wood Siding Strong, Healthy, and Looking Great

The heavy-hitter for exterior maintenance is, of course, painting (or staining, depending on your home’s finish). Offering so much more than just an attractive appearance, paint is your first line of defense against the elements. For more about this, take a look at our previous article: Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Greenwich Home.

Here are a few other ways you can care for your home’s surfaces:

  • Power washing – When done well and carefully, power washing is a fantastic way to remove mold, mildew, and other pollutants. Just be very careful to avoid electrical outlets, dryer vents, spraying up under the eaves, and other points around your home that could result in leaks. Also, be mindful of weak spots in your wood siding. The stream from a power washer can do damage if you aren’t careful. While you’re washing, why not take care of your deck and walkways too?
  • Trim your bushes – As a general rule, bushes and shrubs shouldn’t be allowed to brush against your home. They can cause moisture issues and damage, and ideally should be cut back to the point where you can easily walk between the bush and your siding.
  • Keep things watertight – Once again, moisture is the primary enemy of your home’s exterior. Be sure to check the caulk by corner molding, windows, and doors specifically. As amazing as it is to think about, your home flexes, expands, and contracts as weather and temperatures change. This can put a lot of stress on caulking as well.
  • Replace damaged wood – Whether it is breaking down due to old age, a stray baseball, or rot, you really should view damaged siding as a chink in your property’s armor. It’s best to have it professionally repaired as soon as possible.

On another note, how is your roof? A home is only as strong as its head! Having your roof inspected and checked prevents a domino effect of issues, including water damage, mold, mildew, and unnecessary extra expense for heating and cooling.

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