Is It Time to Rethink and Remodel Your Laundry Room?

Let’s be honest: if you had to choose one of the most easily ignored spaces in your home, which would it be? If you’re like a lot of homeowners here in the Westchester and Fairfield counties, the laundry room probably will come to mind first.

Why? Well, laundry rooms are a purely utilitarian space, and certainly are not the kind of room that we would go out of our way to show to guests, or that they would even need to see. They also don’t offer luxurious features, exquisite styling, or the opportunity to relax and unwind.

In short, people rarely get excited about a laundry room.

While it may never be a master bathroom or a gorgeous new kitchen, laundry rooms are getting more and more attention in the home improvement and remodeling community. Fresh style, fresh ideas, and a focus on making the space serve several purposes are helping to fuel this interest, and allowing wash rooms to be better (and more interesting) than ever.

Fresh Vision and Fresh Laundry – What Could Your Remodeled Laundry Room Offer?

Plenty of Natural Light

This is a must-have. Rather than relying on the flickering fluorescents of the stereotypical laundry space, open things up! Plenty of light not only will help you sort your lights and darks, but also ensure that wash day isn’t something to dread.

Clever Storage Ideas


When you remodel your laundry space, be sure to ask your building professional about built-in cabinetry and shelving. Not only does this keep precious square-footage free and uncluttered, but it also provides useful space for all your washing necessities.

Don’t Forget Decorations!

If you get out of the mindset that your laundry room is a utilitarian space, you might find some fun new ways to decorate and personalize. Depending on your overall stylistic preferences, warm and bright paint can be a real asset, or rustic signs and decor. Have fun with it!

Make Your Laundry Room a Multipurpose Space

Especially if the space is fairly large, it can serve multiple valuable purposes. One popular idea is to double your laundry room as a mud room. As an example, it can be a great area for kids to come in, take off their shoes, hang up their coats, and store backpacks without using the front door. If kids aren’t in the equation, this might simply be a less formal entrance to your home, perfect for storing sports gear, a bicycle, shoes, coats, etc.

Another popular idea is to use your laundry space as a wash room for pets. Because wash sinks are often already included in the design, you might just invest in a slightly larger sink/tub for convenient, easy pet care.

Start By Talking to a Creative Remodeling Professional

Think through your list of “must-haves,” and what you need your laundry space to accomplish, and then have an honest talk with your builder. They should be able to find creative solutions to meet your needs, both aesthetic and functional.

If we can serve you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Gerety Building and Restoration. We’re here to help!