Cedar Shake Roofing

June 20, 2011

The roof is the most important part of a house. It serves to protect the home from weather, other exterior forces, and it also improves your home’s overall curb appeal.

We recently installed cedar shake roof in Waccabuc, NY (Westchester, NY). The big benefit of Cedar Shake Roofs is their visual appeal. Few things are more attractive than their rustic appearance. They are especially attractive when they are still fairly new, but have weathered into a natural gray.

Learn more about wood shake roofs here or visit our roofing page.

Ipe Wood Exterior Decks

June 20, 2011

Exterior Decks can be a pleasant extension of a home and in many ways have become necessity in resell value. It is an excellent place to spend your time, entertain guests or just relax with friends and family.

Recently we completed the construction of an Ipé Wood Exterior Deck for a home in Pound Ridge, NY (Westchester, NY).

Ipé wood is an excellent material for building exterior decks. The US Department of Agriculture and Forestry rates Ipé as “Very resistant to attack by decay, fungi and termites.” Ipé is also given a Class A fire rating (under the UBC-uniform building code), the same rating given to concrete & steel.

Below are pictures of a the recent Exterior Deck construction:

Custom Wine Cellar in Cross River NY

June 15, 2011

We have just completed a custom wine cellar for a client in Cross River, NY. Some project details include:

  • The wine cellar was designed to house around 2500 bottles.
  • The wine cellar was lined with clear cedar.
  • The racks were built with red wood.
  • The fresco was beautifully painted by Tim Eaton.
  • The entire wine cellar was illuminated by low voltage halogen lights.

custom wine cellar is a special and unique addition to your home. With Gerety Building & Restoration you can be assured that great care will be taken in every step of your home wine cellar’s design and construction. We can all raise a glass to that.

We invite you to view our custom wine cellar portfolio here.

Restoring Your Roof With Gerety Restoration

June 13, 2011

Expertise: Gerety Restoration is in possession of knowledge and expertise that are required for roof installation. We have the knowledge to identify your roofing requirements based on your budget, environment, and can suggest the best roofing solution accordingly. Further, we are in possession of the latest technology and equipment required to build roofs.

: Gerety Restoration also offers maintenance services which would help you increase the lifetime of your roof. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure safety of the residents and belongings. Identifying damages in roof requires professional expertise and experience. We also offer services to reinstall roof and change slats as and when required.

Debris removal
: You would need professionals help remove the debris of the changed roof. Choosing Gerety Restoration will ensure debris removal and disposing services.

Licenses and bonds
: Gerety Restoration is completely licensed and bonded to carry out roof installation assignments.

We invite you to view our roofing portfolio here.

Considering A Custom Wine Cellar

June 8, 2011

Home Wine Cellars have become more popular among homeowners as their wine collections grow. Wine enthusiasts choose to build a custom wine cellar in order to preserve their wine and add value to their home, which will bring a positive return on their investment.

When considering adding a home wine cellar, it is very important to have a custom wine cellar constructed by a builder who is knowledgeable about wine cellar design and an expert in building and maintaining a wine cellar.  A wine cellar design and function must be optimal to protect and preserve your wine collection.

Constructing a custom wine cellar requires critical attention to the correct wine storage requirements. The key elements in optimal wine storage are climate control, vapor barriers & insulation, floor and door selection, custom wine storage racks, lighting & UV exposure, computer monitoring, and security systems.  A custom wine cellar specialist will know the various options with all these essentials and can guide you through the construction of your home wine cellar.

Learn more about Gerety’s custom wine cellar services here.

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

June 1, 2011

The kitchen is probably the most frequented room in your home, and if you are feeling frustrated every time you walk into it because it feels like you just went back in time, then it is time for a kitchen remodel.

Remodeling your kitchen is not as overwhelming as you may think, and we are excellent at making the whole process smooth and painless. Here are some of the benefits of remodeling your kitchen:

Add More Space

With a new design, your kitchen can be organized more efficiently and give you more space. You will get the benefit of more walking around space, as well as storage space. Using computer guided design software you are able to see a digital representation of your future kitchen.

Update Appliances

When you remodel your kitchen you also get the benefit of updating your appliances. With computers becoming less inexpensive, many appliances (example) have integrated lcd touch displays that serve as your own personal kitchen assistant, walking you through your favorite recipes, checking your email, or reading/watching the news.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Last but not least, your home value can be dramatically increased by simply performing a kitchen remodeling. Most people in the market for a home today are turned off by “old style” kitchens. If you plan on selling your home in the future, remodeling your kitchen will definitely make your home more sellable.

Fresh New Look

A fresh new look is another benefit of kitchen remodeling. Does your kitchen feel and look outdated ? If this is the case, you’ll love the new look you get when you do a remodel in your home.